nvQuickTheme is more than just a great minimalist DNN (DotNetNuke) theme. It is a powerful theme building framework and developer workflow.

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By far the largest dependency, Bootstrap, is the framework we chose to use. We encourage anyone unfamiliar with Bootstrap 4 to bookmark and reference their extensive documentation here.

Our default.ascx, _header.ascx and _footer.ascx partials show proper use of bootstrap and its layout classes. Bootstrap is robust, powerful, and has all the bells and whistles that most websites need.

Font Awesome

True to it’s name, Font Awesome is just that, awesome. A font-based solution to icons allows for easy scaling without pixelation, and you’re not left trying to manage lots of icon files. Font Awesome is easy to use, and has an icon for almost everything. You can find the list of icons here.


Where Bootstrap’s menu options allow for simple menus, DNN usually requires multiple levels. SlimMenu is a super lightweight menu solution for desktop and mobile.


A collection of CSS rules that make elements appear more consistently across all browser types.